AMD Radeon 7600M graphics cards for laptops

AMD had a number of problems when trying to adapt the manufacturing technology of its graphics card 40 nanometer lithography to 28.

This sounds that you like Chinese, means that the manufacturer is able to create 2 times more transistors in the same area as the previous generation. Graphics cards if you integrate more logic can increase performance and reduce consumption.

In a commercial strategy, since it was assumed that all 7000 series would use the new technology of 28 nanometers and architecture Graphic Core Next decides to draw the 7400M, 7500m series and you speak in this article the 7600M series laptops but with 40 nanometer and using the above architecture.

But do not take these misleading you have little to do with their older sisters.

Architecture. Terascale 2. It is based on which you can find on the Radeon 5000 for desktop PCs.

Manufacturing technology. They use 40 nanometers.

Graphics standards. It supports DirectX 11.

HD3D. It allows playback of content in three-dimensional format, both movies and games. Using an HDMI cable you can spend this kind of content to your TV.

UVD. Allow playback speed most used video formats like H.264 (MKV), MVC (Blu-ray 3D), MPEG-4 Part 2 (DivX / Xvid).

Onboard audio controller. Which can accelerate, how could it be otherwise, reproduction of the most common audio formats.

Working with multiple monitors simultaneously. If the laptop manufacturer allows this card is able to connect to 5 monitors simultaneously.

7610M. We have 400 Stream Processors working at 450MHz. You can have problems with many games and should therefore lower resolution and detail. Only supports DDR3 memory.

7630M. We have 480 Stream Processors 450MHz working Do not expect wild improvements over the previous one. Only supports DDR3 memory.

7650M. We have 480 Stream Processor that can operate between 450 and 550 MHz and can be used for almost every game but some will have to be reduced details. Only supports DDR3 memory.

7670M. We have again the same core working at 600 MHz will have the same limitations as the previous one. You can use DDR3 and GDDR 5 memory.

7690M. Same cores working between 600 and 725 MHz Actually there are several versions of this card. You have problems with certain games. You can use DDR3 and GDDR5.

7690M XT. Same nuclei to 725MHz. You will have the same limitations as the previous one. Only supports GDDR5 memory.

Surface Pro 4, the maxitablet that becomes a powerful notebook

After the success achieved with the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft updated its hybrid device and launches the Surface Pro 4, an evolution of this tablet-laptop whose main features I discussed below.

The Surface 4 Pro maintains the measures of its predecessor (29.2 x 20.13 cm) but its thickness itself is smaller, just 8.4 mm thick. His weight stays the same, at 766 g for the basic model and 786 g if it is the 3G version, the indication of both weights corresponds to the device without the keyboard. Has a magnesium chassis and silver as an accessory, offers a Typecover that comes in several colors to choose: green, black, cyan, blue and red.

Microsoft super tablet integrates a fingerprint reader located on the right side of the touchpad, and facial recognition from its front 5 megapixel camera, this assumes that could unlock the device with a touch or a look. The rear camera is 8 MPX.

Although the fourth generation of Surface retains the same external dimensions of the previous version, but the touch screen of the Surface Pro 4 has been stretched to 12.3 inches diagonally, because part of it is now narrower. The screen resolution also increased: 2,736 x 1,824 pixels has. In turn, the screen has Pixel Sense technology that improves tactility, Gorilla Glass 4 and the aspect ratio is 3: 2.

Inside, the Surface Pro 4 saves a processor which depends on the model in question. Overall, we can say that the presence of the sixth generation Intel Core chip, known as Skylake, represent a step forward from the previous Surface. It is processors that ensure better performance and a more effective battery optimization;. The models range from basic devices with the chip Core M3 to more powerful chips Intel Core i5 and Core i7, which are found in many laptops and hybrid high end;. Another outstanding feature of the hybrid Microsoft is RAM that varies by model but in any case, ranging from 4 GB in the basic model up to 16 GB in the most powerful version;. as the storage capacity, this is different in each model and ranges from 128 GB to 1 TB;. to connect to the network this convertible computer has wireless, while for coupling to other devices it uses Bluetooth 4.0 and ports as USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort and a slot for microSD memory card.

It is an accessory that increases the attractiveness and versatility of the team. It is attached to the body of the tablet-laptop magnetically has 1024 levels of pressure and is connected via Bluetooth, has interchangeable tips (not included) and eraser as any traditional pencil. Its battery lasts approximately one year (not rechargeable) .; This Bluetooth Pen is also compatible with Surface 3 Pro and performs various tasks such as; – With a double click you can make screenshots, -. With one click One is accessed Note, Microsoft cloud -. by holding down the button, open Cortana, -. with this Pen we can write on the screen, in addition to drawing and painting.

Although not included in the price, is a leading protagonist of the device, next to the touch screen, forms a team with the power of a laptop and the portability of a tablet. This time they have increased the size of the touchpad by 40% and five points of contact, thereby improving usability. The keys are more separate and larger, fast and quiet. The keyboard is in turn a sheath that protects the tablet (Typecover).

Another highlight is the accessory that integrates Dock: 2 mini Display Port port compatible with 4K screens, 1 Ethernet port, 4 USB 3.0 port and 1 audio output ports. As we can see, this wide Dock connectivity Surface 4 Pro and leaves very well served, this model is connected via cable and is smaller than its predecessor.

1- Being a hybrid that works with Windows 10 Pro operating system, we ensure their compatibility with the software of a desktop computer, which serves as a great support to increase our productivity at work or school, especially with respect to the office suite Office.

2 is a complete gadget that can be a single computer due to its power, capacity and autonomy (battery lasts 9 hours), unlike other tablets whose use is most appropriate auxiliary device.

3- Although it seems a minor technical detail, I should mention that this time improved cooling of the Surface Pro 4, which prevents overheating, which portable device is a relevant detail.

Its configuration hybrid high-end expensive price and could be limited to corporate users and freelancers.

The Surface Pro 4 is a powerful convertible and capacity able to run demanding applications and programs. Although its configuration remember more to a laptop than a tablet, you have the advantage that with a weight of just over 700 g can carry wherever you go. Then we transcribe prices.