My graphics card does not work, what can I do?

Any element of a PC is likely to have problems and the graphics card would not be an isolated case. However, do not be alarmed, as most of them are easy to solve.

For the graphics card becomes operational, the system requires that both the power supply, as the motherboard and processor are able to boot properly so before blaming this component must discard the others.

Depending on the symptoms you have to do one thing or another

You see nothing but the computer boots or colors they do not appear as they should. It may seem strange but most times it is simply that the cable is not connected as it should between the monitor and video card. Always check cables before thinking of other problems.

You see nothing but the cables are properly connected. In this case it may be that the monitor was in bad shape. If you can, you check the monitor with another computer.

The team starts but is stopped when trying to display graphics. See text that is information that is showing you the BIOS, but when you have to show graphics you see nothing. You can have two causes. A hardware type, the card is in poor condition and another because the drivers or the operating system are not properly configured.

The best way to check if the problem is due to the card itself is changing to one that we know it works. You can also try to perform the steps in this article you indicated that if Windows XP do not start.

It does not work any games. We turn to another level, in this case the operating system has been able to start, but has problems with certain applications. This can happen with games as most need 3D acceleration. This is done by a block inside the chip different from that commonly usually used, if this failure can cause problems, the only solution is to update drivers and if that does not work to change the card.

It does not work when playing videos. It occurs as in the previous case. There are cards that have special components for video playback, the same solution as the previous update drivers and if it does not change the card.

It does not work with some kind of games. It might not have updated drivers, or simply not be compatible. If you like games buy yourself a new one at the end you needed.

But it shows that it works is very slow. Drivers or simply old. Make sure you have loaded on your computer and you can do if everything goes slow.

It gets very hot. Be careful because it can get worse. Your whole team can suffer from poor ventilation. Keep all very clean fans and let this box located in a place where air run well.

Apart from all this, keep in mind that there are always special needs. If you want to use a desktop PC gaming is better change almost annually card and the entire team at least every four years.

jor card is that change almost annually and the entire team at least every 4 years.