Macintosh Computers


Macintosh is a line of desktop and laptop computers developed by Apple Inc. What they have in common is all Macintosh computers running any version of Mac OS, which is the operating system that Apple has developed for its computers.

Also know as

Apple computers are also conocidad as “Mac” or “Macs”, a name that Apple has used in recent years to market their devices and which is an abbreviation of the word “Macintosh”.


There are a variety of Macintosh computers that Apple has released over time, since 1984, the year it was launched the first of its kind.

The first Mac was released simply as “Macintosh”, but to differentiate it from the others, now called Macintosh 128K. It is considered that the computers that Apple released before the first Mac, part of the pre-Macintosh era. Those are the Apple I, Apple II, Apple IIe, Apple III and Lisa.

More recently, the apple company has put aside the Macintosh name and has played with its abbreviation to accommodate somewhere in the name of their computers.

Currently Apple sells several of its Macs: iMac, Mac Pro and Mac mini are the offer that the company gives to the desktop, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are Apple laptops that are in force, and of course they all belong to the Mac family.

The name of the line computer is thanks to Jef Raskin, one of the first employees at Apple and the Mac father, who appointed the first Mac with that word as their favorite variety of apple was the McIntosh. If you want to know more details about the name of these computers, visit the article that we have the origin of the word “Macintosh”.