IPhone Top tips for summer

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With the arrival of summer temperatures rise and reaches the heat, and the heat reaches the beach season. This year, so you can enjoy your break on the beach getting the most out of your iPhone, we suggest some tips so you can get the best pictures in less time and thus save the best memories without losing any. We also offer a number of tricks to not to miss and will guide you if you travel. Finally also you know as charging the battery in less time and how to place the umbrella safely.

Charging the battery in a short time

This trick is to use when you do not have time and your iPhone battery is running low. All you have to do is connect your iPhone the airplane mode and check your battery can be charged in less time than if you have not connected airplane mode. If you want to know more about the battery of your iPhone device, visit the following article: What do I do if my iPhone battery not charging?

Do you want your umbrella is well hincada? uses the iPhone level meter.

Many do not know that the iPhone has a level meter, and you can use this meter if you want to place your sobrilla sideways when the hincarla. But how do I access this feature? Enters the implementation of the compass and slide your finger to the right. Now you are in the level meter can put your umbrella and straighter than ever. This feature will also be useful for hanging shelves or tables in your home paraed.

Take a picture in less time

If you have downloaded iOS 8, one of the advantages it is that you can access the camera from the unlock screen. This will allow you to make photos without unlocking the screen. From now on you you will not miss any instant when taking your photos.

Do yourself a selfie using the volume button on your headphones

Sometimes it’s a little awkward to load the stick for selfies. Now you can make pictures with your friends without using the stick because you can use the volume up button (+) headphones. This way of doing selfies is unknown by most users, now that you know do not hesitate to use it to get your best selfies.

Deletes the message by turning your hand

This is one of the favorite tricks the iPhone users by the way of getting eliminate what we wrote in a message without using the keyboard. You just have to shake your iPhone by turning your wrist and erase what you’ve written completely, without having to press the delete button on the keyboard. The best thing about this feature is that, if in the end you regret delete what you have written, you can retrieve it by shaking the iPhone again.

Inverts the colors to avoid disturbing others in the dark

If at night you want to use your iPhone and do not want dazzle or disturb others with the light of your device, you can invert the colors and navigate on your iPhone without glare and without disturbing. To invert the colors you have to do is go to Settings / General / Accessibility and slide the tab to activate it.