How to avoid eyestrain caused by the use of LED screens

The use of electronic devices such as tablets is growing. Because it is a portable product, we carry with it various activities of our daily life and work, read, play games, watch movies, etc. Therefore, protecting the eye to the light radiating LED screens tablets can be key to healthy eyes.

With the need to protect the eyesight of radiation, eyestrain, fatigue, and possible occurrence of irreversible damage, such as macular degeneration, we can currently find on the market a product called Reticare able to meet part of that need.

It is a technology that, with the combination of special filters, reduces the harmful effects of light of LED screens (short wavelength light) at the hearing, acting as a barrier, we can say that they are sunglasses for proper use of the tablet.

The distance between the tablet and the user is not much, so that the radiation emitted by the LED display come with more intensity to the person.

In turn, the intense light and the length of the electromagnetic wave, along with the proximity of the user, ends up affecting the macula, which is the light sensitive area located right in the center of the retina, not to mention that this of the eye also it can be affected by age and diet of people.

It’s right where Reticare, can help us to function as a screen saver for tablets with the bonus of protecting our view of any possible damage or sequel in the retina, cornea and lens, according to the Spanish company responsible for its creation.

Also, if you suffer from insomnia or usual look at the smartphone just before going to sleep, the protector of Reticare screen decreases sleep disorders caused by light emitted from the display (according to a recent study, the presence of intense light makes that the brain interprets that it is still day).

This accessory is available for popular and generic brands, price ranges between 12.50 and 20 euros, depending on the exposure to which we are subjected to (occasional, daily or intensive) touch screen. You can find in any store dedicated to technology, superstores and online stores. It is a small investment that worth to maintain visual health of users who use digital devices, including laptops, monitors and consoles.

Reticare is a product that has generated controversy since its launch. On the one hand, the authors say has the advantages that we mentioned before but on the other, various scientists and specialists in eyecare say it is an exaggeration to say that the light emitted by the screen tablets and smartphones seriously impair vision and added that no there is no evidence in this regard.

As our interest is not to enter this debate, what we did was try and also hear from several known users and other testimonies on Internet forums. Overall, more frequent assessment, including ours, is that like any other filter type, Reticare itself reduces eyestrain, which is already beneficial to those who spend many hours a day in front of the screen tablets, iPads or smartphones.

But this is not new, there are glasses or lenses (yellow) that have the same purpose, the advantage Reticare is sticking to the screen of the devices, which (at least for me) is more comfortable, more practical . In addition, several models dedicated exclusively to children who often use their dispsoitivos for many hours a week so they require special care preventive.