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When I was little my grandfather took me fishing. At first they were mojarras with typical cane and Boyita. My grandfather, on the other hand, sat and waited for her luck and skill will help him get larger pieces.

In Fishing Master World Tour things are different as there are no such expectations and the participant surely be good sized fish in about 30 seconds.

How to play

In World Tour, the player moves through rivers, lakes to fishing in the sea in search of varieties of fish.

Baits, of course, ranging from worms, worms, spoons and artificial depending on where the sport is practiced and the part being trying to fish.

The game mechanics Fishing Wii World Tour is simple. To launch the line, a movement is performed with the Wii Remote back and then forward as if it were a cane. In fishing water it is usually crystal so that the bait will try to fall near the fish you want to fish.

This Wii game is to play relaxed. It is not a Wii game or anything closely resembling action.

Just as there are flight simulators Wii, there are also fishing.

He accomplished this, the fish will swim to the bait and take the bait and then make a move with the Wiimote back and nail it.

It is then that the struggle begins. A bar indicates the line voltage. If tension is lost should be collected, action is achieved using a circular with which Nunchuk if the reel crank movement. The gameplay using the Kinect accessory is more complicated so it is recommended to leave this accessory out of the game.

If, however, the voltage indicator bar shows too much tension, then you should wait until the nylon relax.

Different kinds of fish have different ways of being fish. Some have an angry behavior while others are left as quietly bring scorpion fish. This approach results in generally have an idea of ​​the fish that has been nailed before being seen and lifted from the water and even if it is a can of soda or a covered car. Recall that pollution and dirt are everywhere.

Fish and curiosities

For each managed fish points that can be used to buy bait or fishing best articles win. This aspect has already been seen in the best fishing game known, ie Wii Fishing Resort.

There is a boat managed by a captain who will take you fishing by the sea. This prompted you catch certain parts in specific areas in exchange for bonus points.

There are some fish that can only be achieved in certain seasons, whether winter, summer, spring or fall.

It must be remembered that these stations are fixed according to the meridian in the northern hemisphere.

It may be a mistake of the game captain requested certain fish that can only be achieved in different seasons to which the player is.

Fortunately stations last ten days of game time.

You can fish from morning till night, but every minute of the game is equivalent to approximately one second of real life

The scenes are quite attractive. There are well-crafted details such as dolphins swimming around the boat when fishing in Hawaii.

Occasionally, a pink fish catch them it is worth since they provide many points are. Of course they require special bait.

There are curious questions such as fishing with magnets when it comes to achieving metal fish that lives in a pond of Detroit. Of course, this situation suggests that while there manta rays and sharks, there are some fish fauna that is totally fictitious.

At the beginning there is great variety ictícola but this is increased to the extent that certain goals are achieved. That is, new fish are unblocked.

Formulas for fishing

Fishing is fun. At least at lower doses. The basic mechanics of the game is extremely simple and quickly becomes repetitive.

Even taking that into account, there are other striking events such as tournaments that should get different variety of fish to win, more and more large to become King of the World Tour size.

The player must mainly deal with choosing the right bait to obtain the desired fish. Bait, equipment and fishing spot is the base.

If you are not a fishing enthusiast can this game you get bored quickly. It’s something to discover.

For those who never knew this sport, maybe they find attractive from now.

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