Differences between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Those skilled in the world of Macs know exactly what the differences are between a MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are, however, for those who are not so familiar with Apple computers, the differences may not be as noticeable. That’s why we explain them here, generally, that these two models of Apple computers are different.

At first glance, especially in photographic images, the MacBook Pro and Air may look the same computer: both have the same color and design, are portable and it is hard to gauge its size in photographs. But the differences are significant and we’ll start by saying that are aimed at different users.

The MacBook Pro, as its name suggests, is aimed at professionals who need a computer with better performance and greater storage capacity, among other things. While the MacBook Air is for those users who do not require much power, even casual users, but they do want a computer that meets your needs and can carry and easily bring.

Of course, both computers are portable, but the MacBook Pro, because the components you need to have performance that is, it is larger and heavier.

The MacBook Air is the most portable computers that we can find on the market. It is designed to be light and thin, which allows those who prefer it, bring it and take it without much trouble.

The screen size is one of the first differences noted. The Pro has models 13 and 15 inches, while the Air is available with screens 11 and 13 inches.

The screen of the MacBook Pro Retina Display, which means that its resolution is 2560×1600 pixels. The MacBook Air does not have Retina Display and its resolution is 1366×768 screen pixels. The difference is significant, especially for those professionals who work with graphics and video.

The MacBook Air has to stay light and thin, which is why you can not still have a large storage capacity, or a screen with Retina Display, as the components to achieve that take up too much space.

The storage capacity ranges from 128GB Air for the basic model, up to 256GB for models of higher range. The Pro, meanwhile, has a storage capacity ranging from 128GB and even 512GB. In both cases the type of memory is solid state (SSD).

In configurations on demand, the MacBook Pro can have up to 1TB of storage, while the Air can have up to 512GB.

There is only one thing that determines the performance of a computer to measure it with precision would have to take into account the graphics processing power, memory capacity RAM, operating system and many other things, however, the type of processor with computers can give us an idea of ​​the performance that could have, especially considering that the Air and Pro are the same brand computers with the same operating system and, in general, with similar characteristics.

The MacBook Pro has several configuration options which touches processors, although that could summarize the basic configuration that features a dual-core processor Intel Core i5 2.4GHz and higher-end configuration has an Intel Core i7 processor four cores.

The MacBook Air has Intel Core i5 dual-core processor at 1.4GHz.

Of course, the price of computers makes a big difference. The MacBook Pro has a base price of $ 1299 and the price goes up, depending on the hardware configuration of the computer, to $ 2599 dollars. The MacBook Air is priced ranging from the $ 899 to $ 1199 dollars.

As you will note, the best hardware features have them the MacBook Pro, but that does not mean it is the best computer for you, but it does mean that it is more powerful and has better performance, however, can not choose a computer only for its power and performance, also it should take into account what are the needs we have and from there take our decision.